3 Factors That Can Void the Warranty on Your Roofing in Canton Michigan

It may seem like the perfect opportunity at the time when you get a new roof installed on your home. A roofing contractor offers an incredible price on a roof install in Canton Michigan. They complete the work and let you know about the warranty on that roof. A few years later you notice a roof leak form on the roof. Not to worry however, your roof is covered under a warranty, or is it? You call the roofing contractor who is no longer in business and then contact the roofing material manufacturer for help. You quickly find out that that great deal that you got on a new roof installation isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Turns out your roof doesn’t have a warranty because it’s voided. This happens a lot more than most people realize and they really don’t understand these problems until it happens to them. Here are 3 factors that can void the warranty on your roof and what you can do to prevent it. 

3 Factors That Can Void the Warranty on Your Roofing in Canton Michigan

Installing a new roof on your home can cost thousands of dollars. So many home owners look for ways to save money on the roofing installation in Canton Michigan. While there are some great tips we list here at MJB Roofing there are also some other tips listed on other blogs that you may want to avoid. One of the biggest problems with roofing warranties is when people think that can do roof repairs and roof installations by themselves. While this may give you a new roof on your home it can leave you without a warranty on the roof. Two of the biggest roofing material manufacturers here in Michigan are GAF and Owens Corning and both have strict guidelines on how the roofing should installed and maintained.

3 Factors That Can Void the Warranty on Your Roofing in Canton Michigan

1 – Improper Installation of the Roof

Do you know how many fasteners should be placed in each shingle? Or what type of under-layment should be used on the roofing materials if you’re using architectural shingles? Many times improper installation is the blame for voiding a roof warranty. Each shingle has different guidelines on how it should be installed, where it should be fastened, and how it should be placed, and more. Having a qualified roofing contractor install the roof means they will know this while less experienced contractors and do it yourselfers will not. Improper installation will also make the roof fail prematurely so if your roof is not installed by licensed and certified professionals you may end up paying for a new roof in just a few short years.

2 – Neglect the Roof

Roofing materials are designed to last a long time. Some roofing warranties today last for 50 years. One thing that many home owners do however is neglect the roof. Is there debris buildup on the roof where leaves are clumped together? Tree branches that scrape the roof each time the wind blows. Proper maintenance is required to keep your roof warranty in place. If you’re unsure about the maintenance needs of your roof be sure to call a certified roofing contractor in Canton Michigan today.

3 – Improper Maintenance of the Roof

Considering cleaning your roof. There are many roofing services for pressure washing your roof but you may not want to do that. Improperly cleaning the roof can void the warranty. Pressure washing will almost always void the warranty on your home’s roof. Improper maintenance is just as be as no maintenance, or even worse sometimes. Be sure to ask your roofing contractor about any services you are planning to have done on your home’s roof and if the warranty is still honored if that service is done. There are roof cleaning services which will not affect warranty, but some that will. It’s always best to check before getting the service done on your home.

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