4 Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer in Canton Michigan Before Hiring Them

From time to time the roof on your home will need maintenance or repairs. When you have widespread damage on the roof you may even need to have a roof replacement done on your home. Getting a roof replacement isn’t as common as you may think. In fact, many roofing materials installed today last more than 20 years. So when you need a roofer in Canton Michigan to come out and replace your roof it’s likely you may have never dealt with them before. So what should you look for in a roofer and what sort of questions should you ask to ensure you get the best roof replacement possible? Here are some of the questions you should ask when talking with them.

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer in Canton Michigan Before Hiring Them

When it comes to hiring a contractor for your home improvement needs there some things that are a given. For instance, you’ll want to hire a contractor who is fully qualified and has the appropriate licenses to work on your home. They should also be able to take care of any permits and inspections that may be needed during the project. Not to mention have a good record of work in the area which you can usually find in online reviews and such. But while these things can help to a find a great roofer, there are other things you should consider which we’ll go over below:

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Are You Fully Insured?

Having the proper licenses to make sure the job is done to local building codes and standards is important but you’ll also want to make sure the roofer you plan to hire has insurance as well. A reputable contractor will have enough insurance to cover any problems that may arise from the job. Working with a contractor that isn’t properly insured may not have any affect on the overall project but there is always a risk of something going wrong and if they are not insured the burden may be up to you. Accidents happen and working with a roofer that is not properly insured means that accident may become your liability or end up as a claim on your home insurance which can lead to higher rates and even cancelling your home insurance.

Do You Have Experience with My Type of Roofing?

The most popular type of roofing used in Canton Michigan today is asphalt shingle roofing. There are many different styles and designs of this type of roofing but only a handful of different manufacturers that offer products in this area. When you talk with the contractor ask about their previous experience with homes such as yours and the roofing materials that are installed. If your home has a metal or tile roof then make sure they have experience in those roofing materials.

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How do You Protect My Home During the Roof Replacement Process?

Getting a new roof installed on your home is a large home improvement project. Although most reputable roofing companies can install a new roof in a just a few days it can leave your home looking pretty sketchy during that time. As roofing is removed from the roof the process can have parts of the old roof falling into your yard, shrubs, etc. Many of the top roofing contractors will place barriers over windows and other home components that may be damaged during this process. Make sure your roofing contractor does this as well.

Do You Use a Roof Contract?

Hiring a roofer that doesn’t use a roof contract is very risky. You’re basically trusting them to do the right thing. Sometimes you can get lucky and everything go smoothly but other times, not so much. Using a roof contract for the project can clear up any misunderstandings and can help to protect you if there are problems later. Always use a contract when you have a major home improvement project done such as a roof replacement.

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