5 Reasons You Should Always Keep Your Gutters Clear

For many homeowners, the thought of keeping their gutters clear is just something that they do every year or so during spring cleaning. But keeping your gutters clear can help keep your home in good condition for a variety of reasons. Clogged gutters can lead to all sorts of problems on the roof and when it does getting a roofer in Downriver Michigan to come out and repair your roof. Cleaning out your gutters only takes a few minutes but it can drastically decrease the need for roof repairs on your home. Here are 5 reasons why you should always make sure your roof gutters are clear.

5 Reasons You Should Always Keep Your Gutters Clear

One of the biggest problems with clogged gutters is that it allows water to back up onto the roof. This additional, reverse flowing water can lead to problems on the roof edge. The problem is usually worse during the fall of the year. Fallen leaves and debris can quickly start to add up in the gutters which can start to restrict the flow of the gutters. Over time, the block will get worse and worse and eventually it may start to cause any of the following problems:

5 Reasons You Should Always Keep Your Gutters Clear

Prevent Rot on your Home

The eaves on your home were not designed to protect your home when they are saturated. Most eaves of the home and edges of the roof does have a water barrier in place but it is designed for water moving across them. When your gutters are clogged it allows water to stand against some of these components of the eaves and edges of the roof. Over time the water may saturate the wood and cause rot on your home.

Prevent Roof Ice Dams

Another big problem for homeowners here in Downriver Michigan is roof ice dam. Most homes in this area have roof ice dam protection in place but there is always a threat when the gutters are not performing as they should. Roof ice dams occur during the winter when temperatures drop below freezing but the problem may start from a clogged gutter even during the warmer months. Always make sure your gutters are clear to prevent roof ice dams on your roof.

Protect Your Basement

When your gutters are clogged it can allow water to spill over the top of the gutter. Sometimes this can be in the form of a stream of water in one place. If that one place is inside your window well or egress window well you can have a huge problem if there is a lot of rain quickly. Just a single storm can overload the drains for the window well and you may have water start to enter and damage your basement. The pouring water may also cause a problem on the foundation of your home as well by moving some of the dirt from around footers and other structural components.

Protect Your Home’s Siding

Water from your roof is directed to where it needs to go by way of the gutter system on your home. For some areas of the home this isn’t a problem. However, when your home does not have a significant overhang, the falling water can start to damage the siding on your home. This damage is usually in the form of stains on the siding and it only needs to happen a few times before it is noticeable. For a home with asphalt-based roofing systems such as shingle roofing, the stains will be hard to remove if not impossible.

Prevent More Damage to the Gutters

The weight of the water on your home’s gutters can cause damage to the gutters themselves. As the water pulls down on the gutters it can pull them away from the eave which opens an area behind the gutter. Even when the gutter is cleaned this gap may still remain which can cause a lot of problems.

Get a Roof Inspection on your Home

Keeping your gutters clear is important and you should clean your gutters at least once per year. If you suspect there is a problem with your home’s roof or gutters it’s best to get a roof inspection on your home. Call Downriver Roofers today at 734-548-9919 to schedule a roof inspection on your Downriver Michigan home.