5 Ways To Keep Your Homes Gutters in Canton Michigan Well Maintained

The gutters around your homes roof surely serves a huge role in keeping your house in good condition. Gutters are designed to allow water to flow away from your home in a downspout, leaving your homes exterior free of water. So keeping your gutters in Canton Michigan properly maintained will ensure that they’re helping your roof protect your home so you won’t run into any issues.

5 Ways To Keep Your Homes Gutters in Canton Michigan Well Maintained

Gutters require regular maintenance just like the roof of your home, they require cleaning and regular inspections too. If you begin neglecting your gutters, then it could cause many problems to your homes exterior and roof, in worst case scenarios, even health risks to you. But of course maintenance for your gutters can be a hard task to do as climbing up the side of your home isn’t the safest task to tackle, so it may be ideal to hire a professional to do it for you. Let’s go over 5 ways to keep your homes gutters maintained.

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Regular Inspections

Gutters tend to have problems all year round, so regular inspections can help you find those problems before they begin to worsen. If you notice any issues when inspecting your homes gutters, then having them fixed quickly will pose less of a threat to your home. Inspections should be done every few months to ensure your gutters are flowing properly. 

Cleaning Out Your Homes Gutters

Whenever your gutters become clogged up, they can begin to trap water in certain spots and not allow it to flow properly to your gutters downspout. This can cause a few issues, one being that the water can start to form as a pool of water that lays on your roof, potentially causing water damage and sometimes starting a roof leak. Water can also seep down into your homes structure and cause issues that require a professional to come out and fix. So, keeping your homes gutters clean will ensure the best outlook on your home.

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Checking For Sagging

Regular inspections are great to find problems like sagging, sagging can happen in a few ways technically. One of the most common ways is old age alongside wear and tear, if you notice your gutters are sagging, this could be an indication that they need to be replaced. Over time, water and debris can stay in your gutters and make them weak and prone to falling, which could cause other home problems. Depending on the type of gutters you own, you could also find rust and leaks in your gutters. Small holes can be repaired typically to save you some money, but rust spots are usually a bit more tedious to repair, however it can be done. 

Test The Hangers

Gutters typically are hung up on the side of your home right underneath your roofs soffit. Sometimes, the hangers can become old and start to loosen up, making your gutters loose and unstable. Inspecting your gutters hangers can help determine if the screws are loose or in good condition to keep functioning, so make sure to check behind your gutters to ensure it’s secure and not going anywhere. 

Clear Nearby Tree Branches

Tree branches that hang over the roof of your home can cause problems to your roof, as well as your gutters. Trimming tree branches can help eliminate a lot of twigs and other debris that fall into your gutters and make them become clogged up. This is a pretty hard task for many homeowners and also very dangerous, so hiring a professional to come and trim your tree branches back is highly advised to ensure your safety.

We recommend maintenance every 6 months depending on your area for your gutters, but inspections should come much more often to ensure your gutters are performing properly and not causing your home any unnecessary problems. Gutters hang high amongst your home, so it is a dangerous task to do, hiring a professional to work on your homes gutters is highly advised and will ensure your safety and that the job is being professionally done by someone with years of experience. This can be a huge advantage and help you in the long run by having way less problems with your homes gutters. If you’re unsure if your gutters are performing as they should be sure to call a qualified roofer such as Twelve Oaks Roofing to inspect the gutters and roof. You can even get a free quote by calling (248) 525-6950.