8 Situations Where a Roofer is Needed in Canton Michigan

Keeping your roof in good working order is not something many home owners consider. After all, once you have a roof installed it should last for decades but sometimes there are situations that occur that can drastically cut down on the lifetime of the roof. Keeping an eye out for your roof can help prevent damages and stop potential problems from occurring on your home. The following are situations where you’ll need to hire a roofer to make roof repairs in Canton Michigan. If you notice any of these problems be sure to call a qualified roofing contractor as soon as possible to make repairs on your roof.

8 Situations Where a Roofer is Needed in Canton Michigan

If you notice any of the following problems on your home’s roof be sure to call a licensed, qualified, and insured roofing contractor in Canton Michigan for assistance. You should not attempt roof repairs as it can be extremely dangerous and it’s not a DIY project.

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A Roof Leak on Your Home

Roof leaks can occur for a variety of reasons. Many times a problem on the roof gets exposed due to rain but even when the rain is not coming down and you no longer have the leak doesn’t mean it is okay. The longer a roof leaks the more damage that can occur in your home. In fact, over time your roof leak could be the source of mold to grow in your home.

Water Remaining on Roof After Rain

If you notice water remaining on the roof after a rain this can be a sign of a more serious structural problem on the roof. If there is standing water on the roof it will soon develop into a roof leak. This usually occurs because of failed structural components of the roof or debris buildup on the roof which affects the way water exits the roof. Another common cause is clogged gutters on the roof. During winter months this can be especially dangerous as the added water and ice can add more weight to the roof.

Damage From Fallen Trees

High winds can damage trees around your home. As limbs and branches are broken away from trees they can land on your home’s roof and damage the roofing. Punctures can happen from these fallen trees which can lead to a roof leak.

Damaged Shingles on the Roof

Another problem with wind is the impact that occurs on a roof. Wind can break shingles and damage them and will soon lead to a roof leak.

Damage From Wildlife

A problem that is not so common is damage from wildlife. Rodents and critters can scurry across the roof and damage the shingles. Another area that can damaged by wildlife is roofing ventilation which can be an area where birds create nests which restrict airflow to the roof. This can cause the roof to age prematurely.

Curled Shingles on the Roof

When roofing materials get older they start to lose their adhesion to the shingles below them. When this occurs the shingles will start to curl and stick up on the roof. Once this starts to occur you’ll need to replace the roof as it makes it much more susceptible to damage from wind and storms.

Clogged Gutters on the Roof

Water needs to exit the roof to avoid roof leaks. When you have clogged passageways for the water it can cause it to backup onto the roof. This can be caused by clogged gutters, valleys, or downspouts. It is most common during the fall although it can happen at any time and especially after large storms with high winds.

Inadequate Maintenance on the Roof

You roof should be inspected every now and again to be sure there are no problems. It’s best to get an annual inspection on your home’s roof if it’s older than 10 years old. Proper maintenance can help prevent problems and make your roof last a long time.

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