About Us

about MJBRoofers

About Michigan Just Best Roofing (MJBRoofing)

What started out as a hobby has turned into a great resource for home owners who are looking for information related to their home’s roof. More specifically, our website is dedicated to the residents of Michigan. We’ve been building resources related to roofing both residential and commercial and we’ll use this website as an outlet.

How Does This Help You?

Information is the best way to ensure you’re getting the roofing project done correctly. Knowing the difference between a re-roof and a tear off and installation in Michigan is a must if you’re getting a new roof. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the difference. Enter, MJBRoofing. We attempt to educate the home owner on what roofing terms and projects consist of. How they are done and more importantly, how to get the best prices.


What Experience Do We Have?

For over twenty years we have been in the roofing and construction industry. We’ve worked on roofing materials and systems that are cutting edge and some that are antiquated. We have qualified installation certifications from top manufacturers of roofing systems. Although we don’t offer roofing services ourselves we do feature roofing companies in Michigan to help you get the best roofing contractor for your roofing project.

Have a Question? We’d Love to Hear From You

We’ve set our site up to be as user friendly as possible. We cover all topics concerning a home’s roof and if there is a topic that we have not covered that you need more information on please let us know. You can contact us and send us your questions and we’ll do our level best to answer them in a timely manner. We may also feature your question in a blog post as well. You can also comment on any of the posts we have if you need more information on a roofing topic.