Are Impact- Resistant Shingles in Plymouth Michigan Worth It?

Roofs take a constant beating from the elements, with very little reprieve. The sun’s rays beat down on them all day long, and snow can add thousands of pounds of weight on your roof. Wind, rain and debris can all work to help damage your roof as well. So the last thing you need to be worried about is whether or not your shingles are going to be able to handle impacts as well. There are products which can help reduce the stress on your roof and they’re called impact resistant shingles. Installing impact resistant shingles in Plymouth Michigan is typically more expensive than traditional roofing shingles so many homeowners wonder if it’s actually worth the added costs. We’ll take a closer look at these roofing shingles and explain what they pros and cons are for them.

Are Impact- Resistant Shingles in Plymouth Michigan Worth It?

For the weather here in Plymouth Michigan there always seems to be some sort of threat. From the high winds and hail storms in the summer to the freezing rain, sleet, snow, and ice of winter. When it comes to weather in this area, there is always something to worry about. Impact resistant shingles can help to reduce some of these problems however because they are tougher than traditional shingle roofing. Whether it is hail, branches, or a rogue ball, impact damage can happen to your roof. So is it worth the extra money to but impact- resistant shingles for your roof?

Are Impact- Resistant Shingles in Plymouth Michigan Worth It?

Greater Protection For Your Roof

Depending on where you live, hailstorms can be a serious threat to your roof and belongings. Hail can be a small pellet of frozen water, or a very large and heavy ball of ice. The velocity in which it falls, the weight of the hail, and the amount of wind can all work to cause more damage.

If you live in an area where hailstorms are frequent, or it is known to have very severe hailstorms, you should seriously consider investing in impact- resistant shingles. You should also consider them if you live close to a school, park or field. A rogue ball or frisbee can easily end up flying over and hitting your roof. They are also helpful if you live around trees and branches can get blown off.

Helps Save You Money

Because the shingles can withstand the force of the impact, they do not need to be repaired or replaced as frequently. Instead, they are designed to last longer and avoid the damage that can greatly decrease a shingle’s lifespan. While they do cost more upfront, the savings on repairs and replacements easily make up for it. You can also get discounts on your homeowner’s insurance by installing them, because it means less claims they need to handle for your shingles down the road. It will also increase your home’s value and make it more appealing to buyers.

Includes Versatile Designs

Just because you are going with an impact- resistant design, doesn’t mean you need to give up on aesthetic appeal. Greater durability doesn’t have to come in ugly, one option shingles. You can choose between a wide range of styles, colors and designs, all without sacrificing on their strength.

Impact- resistant shingles can be made to look like other materials as well, like wood. You can also go with a lighter color to help prevent heat absorption and UV ray damage. Reflective coatings can also be applied to reduce your monthly energy bills for heating and cooling. That means you get just as many options as any other shingles, just with the added durability.

Bottom Line

If you are sick of seeing bruised, cracked and broken shingles on your roof, it is time to invest in a stronger line of defense. Your roof and home will thank you, and you can look forward to saving time and money on roof repairs.

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