Common Problems That Mean You Need a New Roof in Northville Michigan

Issues with your roof can happen at an instant, but not everyone knows what’s happening or how to spot it. When issues with your homes roof does occur, it’s best to have them repaired quickly to avoid any damage in the future, costing more money and more hassle to you if it’s left unattended. Regular maintenance and inspected by a roofing contractor in Northville Michigan will definitely prolong the life of your roof, so don’t let your roof go without maintenance for too long.

Common Problems That Mean You Need a New Roof in Northville Michigan

Today we’re going to list the top 4 most common roofing issues that can happen and how to spot them. However, sometimes you can’t always see the damage on your roof so hiring a local professional roofing company to inspect your roof to ensure you aren’t overlooking something crucial is ideal. Your homes structure could be rotting away and you won’t even know it, so having a professional take a look is going to ensure you’re safe and sound. 

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  • Missing Shingles

One of the most common issues is missing shingles, if you stand in your yard and look up to your roof and notice any shingles that are missing, you should have it repaired quickly as it can turn into more damage. Shingles can be ripped off of your homes roof by a few ways, high winds and harsh storms can certainly rip them off, however your roof could be coming to the end of its lifespan and your shingles may be getting weaker. That could mean it’s best to have your roof replaced instead of having it repaired constantly. 

  • Leaky Roof

One of the most scariest issues to happen is roof leaks, if left unattended, they can cause havoc to your home and belongings. If you go up to your attic in broad daylight and inspect your roof for any light coming in, then you may have a leaking roof and you should have it repaired as quickly as possible. Roof leaks can be caused by many of things, even missing shingles. Broken and missing shingles can let water seep underneath the shingles to water damage your roof, allowing water to seep in. Another reason for leaking roofs is trees, tree branches can overhang on your roof and cause wear and tear to your shingles, making them weaker and prone to letting water underneath them. Tree branches can also fall onto your roof and puncture it, leaving a big mess to clean up. 

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  • Overhanging Trees

Like stated above, overhanging tree branches can cause issues with your roof as well. Branches can scrape your shingles, leaving wear and tear on them. This can dislodge them or even rip them off, so trimming tree branches that hang over your roof is ideal to prevent any accidents from happening. Trees do provide a great amount of shade for your roof, so removing trees completely isn’t ideal, but trimming them to prevent future accidents from happening is. Contact a local tree trimming professional to do it as it can be a very dangerous job to do, so we don’t recommend doing it yourself. 

  • Clogged Gutters

Gutter maintenance helps prevent a lot of roofing issues. If your gutter becomes clogged up, it could form a pool of water on the edge of your homes roof, leaving water to seep underneath your shingles and into your homes structure. This can cause wood to rot in your homes structure, to moss and mildew growth throughout your home. If you suspect your gutters are clogged up with leaves and debris, then having them cleaned out is going to ensure proper flowing and no accidents. Gutters should have maintenance done twice a year depending on climate in your area. 

Roofing issues can happen to anyone, so looking out for these issues can help prevent damage done in the future. If you notice any of these issues with your roof, it’s best to have your local professional roofing company such as Twelve Oaks Roofing come out and repair the issue before it becomes a major problem to your roof and home. Proper maintenance will ensure your roof is always in tip top shape as well, so never neglect something that protects you, your home, and all of your belongings. Be sure to inspect your roof regularly as well. Give Twelve Oaks Roofing a call today at (248) 525-6950 for a free estimate on your roofing project.