Common Reasons You May Have a Roof Leak in Downriver Michigan

Whatever the cause, if your roof has some damage, it’s extremely important not to ignore it. You should call a qualified roofing contractor in Downriver Michigan to repair any damages to the roof as quickly as possible. Ignoring it only gives it time to get worse, and more dangerous. Something as (seemingly) minor as a loose shingle can cause damage not only to the roof and its integrity, but also to the walls, floors, and your family’s furniture and belongings below.

Common Reasons You May Have a Roof Leak in Downriver Michigan

The roof is one of the strongest parts of your house, and if it’s not weather-tight, the rest of the house isn’t either. When your roof gets damaged it can lead to all sorts of problems. From stains on the ceilings to unhealthy mold growing in the home. Not to mention any type of structural damage that may be occurring due to damage to the roof. But, how does this even happen?

Common Reasons You May Have a Roof Leak in Downriver Michigan

There are a few possibly causes:

The roof is old. No matter how tight a roof may have once been, eventually it’s going to need replaced in order to protect your home. It is possible, however, to extend the life of a good roof with regular maintenance, provided as needed. But roof replacements are just one of those inevitable facts of life. If your roof is over 5 years old it is important to get annual roof inspections to determine how well the roof is holding up. Many factors will impact the lifespan of the roof and keeping a close eye on it can help prevent damages no matter it’s age.

There is debris stuck on your roof. A few leaves trapped in a corner on your roof may not seem like an issue, but they can cause a surprising amount of damage: they trap moisture, which sits on the roof and fosters decomposition. That moisture can work its way under the shingles and weaken the structure underneath. This can be further exacerbated in cold weather, when that moisture freezes and expands under the shingles. Other problems from debris can be wildlife that makes a home in that debris which can also damage the roofing on the home.

You used the wrong material. It may seem hard to believe that it’s possible to get the right roofing material. A roof is a roof, and if the material is made to keep out the weather, it should work, right? Unfortunately, no. The right material is chosen based on a few different factors, such as the slope of the roof (asphalt shingles wouldn’t be placed on a flat roof because the moisture wouldn’t run down, but rather seep under the shingles), and the local climate (clay roofing material is best in hot climates, while asphalt shingles work best in cooler, wetter climates). You also have to account for wind, rain, and snow.

The gutters are clogged. This is a similar issue to having debris stuck on the roof, but in this case, not only is the debris trapping the moisture, it’s also blocking its only safe route to the ground. When the gutters are clogged, rainwater and melting snow have no other option but to drip over the sides of the gutters, causing potential damage to the foundation of the house to the landscaping, and potentially slippery walkways in cold weather. Another hazard of clogged gutters is that the moisture can also push up under the shingles and cause damage inside the home as well as outside.

No matter the level of damage to your roof, from a loose shingle to a completely sagging, weak structure, you should have a contractor assess the damage right away. It may not even look like a hazard, but don’t leave something as important as the integrity of your roof to chance. The roof protects your home, you, your loved ones, and your possessions, and these things are too important to risk losing.

If your home has a roof leak or you want to get a better understanding of what shape your roof is in, be sure to call the roofing experts at All Point Construction for a roof inspection on your Downriver Michigan home. They can also provide a free quote on repairs if needed. Call today at 734-407-7110.