Don’t Ignore Water Stains on Your Ceiling in Plymouth Michigan. Here’s Why

If you have kids then stains around your home are likely common. Especially when kids are younger it seems like spills occur on a daily basis. But while these types of stains and spills are just part of growing up there usually isn’t a major underlying problem. For stains that appear on your ceiling however, you can have major problems with your home and choosing to ignore them can lead to more and more problems. This is especially true if the stains on your ceiling were caused by a roof leak. Hiring a roofing contractor in Plymouth Michigan to inspect and repair the roof may seem expensive but when compared to the costs of ignoring the leak it’s certainly worth it. We’ll look at what a water stain on your ceiling could mean and what waiting to get it repaired could cost.

Don’t Ignore Water Stains on Your Ceiling in Plymouth Michigan. Here’s Why

A stain on your ceiling can actually mean there are problems with your roof or plumbing. In either case, getting it repaired as quickly as possible is recommended because letting it go on can lead to other damages in the home. A small roof leak may not seem like much of a problem but over time it can lead to loads of damages that can be really expensive to repair. Not just from the roof perspective but from other areas of the home that can be damaged as well. We’ve outlined just a few of the things that can be damaged when you allow a roof leak to go unattended to and allowed to leak more and more into the home. We’ll also provide some steps that you’ll need to take to prevent this from happening below:

Don't Ignore Water Stains on Your Ceiling in Plymouth Michigan. Here's Why

Determine What’s Wrong

A stain on your home’s ceiling could mean that your roof is leaking however that’s not the only reason you may have a stain on your home’s ceiling. A plumbing or drain pipe can be leaking which can also cause the damage. If your home has multiple levels that leak may be coming from the level above such as an overflowing toilet or tub. If the stain appears to get larger each time it rains however it is likely a roof leak. Getting the roof inspected and having the roofer inspect the attic as well can help to determine just where the stains are coming from. Then once you’ve located the problem you can repair the problem.

Mold Damage in the Home

One problem that many homeowners never consider when they have a stain on their ceiling is that the water that caused the stain is still in the home. Moisture in areas of the home for prolonged periods of time can lead to mold growth in the home. Allowing a roof leak to remain longer and longer puts your home at more and more risk of mold growth. Once the mold has started growing in the home you may need to hire a mold remediation specialist to remove the mold from the home as it can be unhealthy for you and your family.

Structural Damage to the Home

As water enters the home through a roof leak it can saturate wood and insulation in the home. While your home’s structural components can withstand this water for a time or two, continuing moisture on the wood can compromise it’s integrity. It can lead to damage by rot and insects as well. Make sure that when you get a roof repair on a home that has sustained a roof leak for an extended amount of time that the structural components of the roof are inspected.

More Damage Means More Costs Involved

One thing to really consider when you have a stain on your ceiling and that is the costs involved. Getting a small roof repair on your home can be inexpensive when compared to the price of new roof installation. But allowing a roof leak to continue over time can cause the home to need a new roof. Save money by getting the problem taken care of quickly so your home sustains a minimal amount of damage from the roof leak.

Get Your Roof Inspected for Details

In order to properly determine if there are any problems with your home’s roof you’ll need to get a roof inspection. A roof inspection can help you determine your next steps when it comes to your home’s roof. Be sure to call Home Pros Plymouth for a roof inspection on your Plymouth Michigan home today at 734-548-9911 for a roof inspection and free quote on roof services for your home.