How a GAF Roofing System is Installed in Downriver Michigan

Understanding some of the roofing technologies and components that are available today can help you make better decisions on the roof of your home. Having a new roof installed in Downriver Michigan isn’t just about getting new shingles placed on the home. While this is popular in some areas and known as re-roofing it’s just one method of roof replacement. When you have a completely new GAF roofing system installed in Downriver Michigan there are many components that are included. In this article I’ll go over some of the components that are included in a GAF roofing system.

How a GAF Roofing System is Installed in Downriver Michigan

The roof on your home is designed to protect the home from water from rain, ice, and snow. It should also protect against wind. GAF roofing materials are known for being really strong and hold up very well even in high winds when many other shingles by different manufacturers will give up and break away from the roofing surface. But that sort of protection starts when the roof is being installed. The following steps are taken when a new roof is installed using the GAF roofing system.

How a GAF Roofing System is Installed in Downriver Michigan

First the Old Roof Is Removed

The shingles and all components are removed in order to expose the roof decking. This step is not done when the home is re-roofed. Only on full roof tear off and removal is this step done. Once all the old roofing materials are removed from the roof and the roof decking is exposed then an inspection of the roof decking is done. Sometimes there can be problems in the roof decking such as soft spots and wood rot. Any areas that are damaged are cut away from the roof and new plywood is installed. This step is crucial to ensuring the completed roof appearance is flat and uniform.

Leak Barrier Installed on Edges

Once the roof decking is properly repaired if needed and the old roof completely removed it’s time to start installing the roofing materials back onto the home. The first step will be to secure the edges of the roof by installing a leak barrier. This leak barrier can also help to prevent ice dams that may occur in the winter here in Downriver Michigan. Roof barrier is installed on all edges of the roof. After the leak barrier is installed an underlayment is then placed on the roof. GAF offers several varieties of under-layment and roof deck protection. All of which are great at preventing a roof leak on your home. This initial installation of leak barrier and underlayment actually makes your roof water tight. Asphalt shingles are then added to give it rigidity and strength.

Asphalt Shingle Installation

Now that the underlayment and roof leak barrier is installed on your home you’re ready to have the asphalt shingles installed. The first shingles that are installed are called starter shingles. These starter shingles are placed to help prevent wind from blowing the shingles and breaking them on the edges of the roof. It also helps to strengthen the edge of the shingles in case of gutter backs up or gets clogged somehow.

The New Roof is Installed

By now your roof should really be taking shape and looking great. There are some additional items and components that will need to be added however. One item that is added is called ridge vent. The ridge vent not only adds a bit of style to the shingles but it plays a big part in the attic ventilation. Proper ventilation for the attic is crucial for the longevity of the shingles and should be addressed when installing a new roof. You may also have new gable and eaves vents installed as well for better protection.

Are You Ready to Get a GAF Roofing System Installed on Your Home?

Now that you know just how a GAF roofing system is installed you may consider getting this type of roofing installed on your Downriver Michigan home. Downriver Roofers offers free estimates on roofing installations in Downriver Michigan and they are a certified GAF Master Elite Contractor. Contact them today to get a free estimate at 734-548-9919 to set up your roofing quote appointment.