Getting a New Roof? Make Sure You Have a Roof Replacement Contract in Canton Michigan

Getting a new roof installed on your home can be quite costly depending on the size of your home and the roof that is being installed. Most homes today have asphalt shingles installed and when they are replaced it’s usually the same materials. While it’s important to have the roof installed right and the best materials, it’s also a good idea to make sure you have a roof replacement contract in Canton Michigan just in case things go wrong. It can help protect you if things don’t quite go as planned during the project. We’ll take a closer look at these contracts and show you exactly why they are so important.

Getting a New Roof? Make Sure You Have a Roof Replacement Contract in Canton Michigan

Most people think that having a contract is a bad idea. They think it’s just a way to allow the contractor to get out of problems later. But actually, having a roof replacement contract or any other contract for a home improvement project is a great idea to protect not only the contractor but the homeowner as well. Most contracts will have details about the project and the work that will be done. Making sure you look over the contract is important and if there are any discrepancies make sure your address them before you sign the contract.

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Some roofing contractors will have a standard contract that lists out everything that will be done. There may also be points in the contract that may seem a little vague as well which you may need to address. In any case, look over the contract good before signing it. You’ll also want to make sure you get a copy of the contract as well. If an immediate copy is not available, it’s a good idea to make one before any work starts on your home.

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Contract?

If you don’t have a contract that the work will be based on, who will determine when the work is done? Also, what time frame is given for the contractor to finish? A huge problem with roof replacement projects is that the roofing contractor will remove the old roof and then leave for days or even weeks before they come back to install the new roof. This allows them to start more roofing projects during warmer months. The problem however is that it leaves your home open to all sorts of damages while you’re waiting on them to return. It’s not a good situation. Not only that but the cost of the roof may go up dramatically because of “hidden” problems.

Roofing Contractor in the Canton MI Area

Don’t just take a roofing contractor’s word for it. Make sure you have a roof replacement contract in place which covers everything about the roofing project. Here are some items that should be included on the roof replacement contract:

Total Costs of the Project – The entire project should be included in the contract. The contract may also contain any financing details as well if your new roof was financed. It should also include dates when payment should be made, etc…

Materials Used in the Project – Bait and switch is more common than you might think in the roofing industry. The contract should have a list of materials used in the project along with any warranty information. Don’t pay for 40 year shingles and only get 15 year shingles installed.

Details About the Project – Another key component the roof replacement contract should have in it is the details about the project. This includes things such as debris removal once the project is complete. And also final cleanup of the project. If there are any fees for these services it should be listed in the contract. If not, make sure it states that the service is included in the overall project.

Time Frame for the Project – This is very important because you don’t want to wait months before the project starts and you don’t want to have the project go on for weeks while it’s being done. Mots roofing projects can be completed in just a few days for a quality roofing team.

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