Guide to Common Roof Problems in Downriver, Michigan

When it comes to your homes roof, you don’t think about it much. Typically the only reason you think about your roof is when something goes wrong with it. A small problem with your roof could become big and disastrous to your home if it’s not fixed soon enough. If you’re able to spot the problem with your roof while it’s still small, you can fix it and avoid having to spend more money on repairs for a bigger problem. If small common roofing problems is something you’re not familiar with, then this article could help you and save you money as well. Below you can see some of the common roof problems many homeowners deal with and what you could do to repair them.

Guide to Common Roof Problems in Downriver, Michigan

Roof Repairing Costs

When your roof starts failing, it’s always best to get a repair as soon as you can. Rather it be a small leak or having to replace shingles on your home, it’s best to get it done as soon as possible. It’s good to know the problems on your roof and explain them clearly to your roofing contractor. There’s some roofing repairs that don’t need a professional to fix it. The cost of repairing a roof is typically $650, give or take. However the price can vary depending on how big or small the problem is.

  1. Leaks On Your Roof

If you think that there is a leak on your roof, then you need to find out quickly. If your home gets damaged by water, it could cost a lot to repair. Your roof and your house as well. A common sign of a leakage on your roof is water stains on the ceilings or on exterior walls. If you happen to find a stain on your ceiling, then you should act fast and have it repaired. Another sign of an early leaking roof is missing or curled shingles.

If you find a leak on your roof then you can get a roofing contractor in Downriver, Michigan to find the source of your leak and fix it before it causes more damage to your home. Having a leak can lead into very disastrous things, it’s best to have your roof inspected once a year to be sure that your roof is in it’s best shape.

  1. Algae Or Moss On Your Roof

If it’s moist or the climate is cool where you live, it’s very likely that algae or moss has grown onto your roof before. A roof is the best atmosphere for algae and moss to grow, especially if you’ve got trees that provide shade on your roof so the sunlight is blocked. Algae or moss may not seem like a big problem at first, however it can hold much more water on your roof as well as shortening your shingles lifespan.

A roof is the best atmosphere for algae and moss to grow, especially if you’ve got trees that provide shade on your roof so the sunlight is blocked.

A big mistake many homeowners can make while removing algae or moss on their roof is using a pressure washer. A pressure washer can damage your roof worse like damaging your shingles. There’s usually roof cleaning items you can get from your local hardware store that can reduce algae or moss on your roof as well as keeping your shingles safe. If you’re not a DIY type of person, you can also always hire a professional to do the job. If you decide to hire a professional, on an average it will cost $390.

Although if you have your roof cleaned and algae or moss continue to be an issue, you could eliminate sources that are helping it grow. If there’s large trees around your home, you may need to consider removing them since algae and moss tend to grow more in the shade. Tree removal averages around $640.

  1. Pigeons On Your Roof

When it comes to animals or critters that will live on your roof is pigeons. Most pigeons like to nest in your vents, overhangs or your joints. Pigeons often seem harmless, however they create debris that can damage your gutters and roof after awhile.

If you’re having pigeon problems, it’s good to block any potential nesting spots you have on your homes roof. You could also invest in fake owls to scare the pigeons away. If your pigeon problem continues, you can contact a animal control specialist to come out and help you with your pigeon problem. Averaging around $300.