Has Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan Been Damaged By Hail?

One type of storm that can really do a lot of damage to your home’s roof is a hail storm. As hailstones fall they impact your home’s roof and make small punctures in the roof that usually end up becoming a roof leak. Sometimes those roof leaks don’t happen straight away and take some time before you may notice them inside the home. If you suspect your roofing in Downriver Michigan has been damaged by recent hail storms be sure to get a roof inspection on your home before it ends up damaging the interior of your home.

Has Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan Been Damaged By Hail?

While your roofing may be able to withstand smaller hail stones, it may not be able to withstand all of them. As the hailstones gets larger so does the threat to your roof. The age of your roof will also play a huge role in whether it gets damaged by hailstones. Older roofing and larger hailstones can be a huge problem. There are options that are available that can withstand larger hailstones such as impact resistant shingles. Talk with your roofing contractor if you wan this type of protection for your home. Here are some signs that your roof may have damaged by hail.

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Granules Missing From the Shingles

On top of the shingles on your home is the granules. These granules provide protection to the shingles and add rigidity to the shingles. As hailstones impact the shingles they start to knock away granules. Many times these granules will collect in the gutters in the home which is a sign of damage to the roof. Missing granules itself will not end up as a roof leak but it can cause the roof to look a little discolored in areas. It also can make the shingles start to pull away from the roof which can end up getting damaged by winds or other weather events.

Visible Signs Bruising or Dents

Larger hailstones weigh a lot and as they impact the roof, sometimes they will cause a puncture in the shingles. However, if the hailstone is smaller, it may not completely puncture the roofing surface. But you still may have damage. Dents can be created on the roofing surface which can lead to roof leaks later. Dents may not immediately end up as a roof leak but it will make the roof much more susceptible to roof leaks afterward. If you notice any of these dents on your roof it’s best to get a roof inspection done to determine the extent of damage to your home’s roof.

Downriver MI Hail Damage to Roof

Circular Cracks on the Roofing Surface

The next thing to look for closely is circular cracks on your shingles. If a hailstorm is extreme, it can break through the granules and substrate on the tiles, and this, in turn, leaves behind circular cracks. Circular cracks can be half-circular or full circular. Circular cracks permit water to get into your shingles and to the outer layers of your roof.

If circular cracks are either vertically or horizontally situated, they are usually the result of normal wear to the roof and aren’t from any hail storm damage. Cracks need to be more circular to be from the most recent hail storm that came through your area.

Holes in the Roof

While there are many problems that hailstones can cause many of these problems will end up in a roof leak later rather than as soon as it happens. However, when the hailstones are large enough and your roof is not that strong, the hailstones may end up puncturing the roofing surface. This causes a hole in the roofing system which lets water start to infiltrate the roofing surface. Once water starts to get under the roofing surface, you’re likely going to end up with a roof leak.

Get a Roof Inspection

If you think your roof has been damaged by hailstones or storms be sure to get a roof inspection done on your home. A roof inspection can help you determine the extent of damage to the roof and what your best next steps should be. Be sure to call All Point Construction today at (734) 407-7110 to get a roof inspection on your Downriver Michigan home.