How to Deal with Roof Wind Damage in Downriver Michigan

One of the biggest dangers for roofing is wind. High winds can damage roofing shingles and the older the roof is the more likely it is to become damaged by winds. Here are some tips to help reduce the damages and problems associated with roof wind damage in Downriver Michigan. Although there’s not much we can do about the weather there are some things that home owners can do to reduce the damage that these winds can cause on your roof.

How to Deal with Roof Wind Damage in Downriver Michigan

You should now be aware of the dangers that powerful storms can pose to your roof. Did you know that even mild storms can cause wind damage similar to the ones caused by powerful storms? All it takes is the wind getting into and underneath the roofing shingles which can then lead to many different problems. Having a roof that is newer helps reduce the damages as well as having a roof that is more pitched. The more flat your roof is the more likely it will be damaged by wind. Roof damage can be caused by the combination of strong winds and bad weather. It is more difficult to see the damage after a storm than it is to detect. Regular repairs and preventative maintenance are the best ways to avoid minor issues from becoming costly.

Roof Damage by Wind Downriver MI

What Does it Mean to Have Roof Wind Damage?

When winds happen during storms it may seem like the rain causes the problem but the damage for your roof usually comes from damages caused by wind. Wind gets under the shingles and causes them to lift away from the roof. Sometimes these shingles are bent back and break away from the roof. While this may not cause a roof leak initially it will likely cause a roof leak in the future. There are different types of damages when it comes to wind as well. As more and more shingles are broken it can lead to more and more problems.

Types of Roof Damage Caused by Wind

  • Missing Shingles – As roof shingles are broken and blown away from the roofing surface it exposes the underlayment and sometimes the roof decking. If left un-repaired it can cause water damage inside your home from a roof leak.
  • Shingles That Are Not Flat on the Roof – The shingles on your home may not be broken, only bent up in a way to expose the underlaying shingles and felt. The seal that ‘sticks’ the shingle down is no longer good and it should be replaced.
  • Nails Showing – Sometimes shingles can lift and then fall back down into place. When this happens it can pull nails up that were used to fasten the shingles. Even when the shingles fall back down the nails remain up and can develop a roof leak around the nail.
  • Debris Impacts – High winds don’t just attack your roof it can attack other items around your home. Broken branches and other debris can impact the roof and cause roof damage.

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What Can You Do?

Making sure your roof is in good shape means regular inspections and maintenance to head off any problems before they become roof leaks. Regular maintenance and repairs is necessary to stop wind damage from causing serious damage in your home such as water damage or mold. These issues could be anything from a small leak to a complete roof collapse. Routine inspections can help prevent small problems from becoming major problems and it only takes a few minutes. If left untreated, even minor problems can become more serious and expensive replacements. It is essential to protect your home and family.

Getting a Roof Inspection on Your Home

After each major storm it’s a good idea to walk around your home and look for signs of damage. Usually for roof damage you’ll be able to see missing or damaged shingles on the roof from the ground level. These problems may not cause a roof leak right away but likely will over time. If you notice a problem like this be sure to call a professional roofing company for a more thorough roof inspection on your home. Call Downriver Roofers today at (734) 548-9919 to schedule a roof inspection on your home.