Impact-Resistant Shingles vs. Regular Shingle Roofing in Troy Michigan: Which One is Better for Your Home?

Impact-resistant shingles and regular shingles are both types of roofing. Impact-resistant shingles can protect your home better than regular roofing shingles in Troy, Michigan. And while they look very similar in appearance they are much different when it comes to protecting your home during severe storms especially when it hails.

Impact-Resistant Shingles vs. Regular Shingle Roofing in Troy Michigan: Which One is Better for Your Home?

Impact-resistant shingles are designed to provide superior protection against hail, wind and other debris that may contact your home’s roof. They have a thicker layer of asphalt that is embedded with ceramic granules which can better absorb energy from impacts. The ceramic granules absorb the force of a hailstone and help disperse it, reducing the amount of damage to the roof and to the shingle itself. The shingles also have multiple layers of fiberglass that provide a strong base for the roof and help strengthen it against impacts.

What we mean by regular shingles

There are many different types of roofing that is available today. One of the most popular options is asphalt shingle roofing. This type of roofing provides a layer of protection on your home and is affordable and also lasts a long time. But there are many different designs as well as qualities for asphalt shingles. Here are the different types of this popular roofing:

Types of Shingles

Three Tab Shingles

Standard 3-tab shingles are the most basic type of asphalt shingle available today. They are cost effective, come in a variety of colors and last around 15 years. They can be re-roofed over existing shingles in some cases and are only a single layer of material thick.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles have several layers that provide more protection for your home and typically last for more than 25 years. They also have an attractive layered look which can add a unique dimensional look to your roof. Designs may also include shading to give an even more dramatic effect. Although architectural shingles are a premium roofing product we still consider them regular shingles because they can be damaged by impacts of items such as hailstones.

Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact resistant shingles are the best option for protecting your home in Troy Michigan. They are constructed with multiple layers of material to absorb the energy from impacts and distributed throughout the entire roof area. This type of shingle is engineered specifically to resist impacts from hailstones, wind-blown debris and other objects that can cause damage to a roof. Their appearance is very similar to architectural or dimensional shingles but have the added protection from impact built right into the shingle.

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Which One is Better for Your Home?

To decide which type of shingle is best for your home, think about the weather in Troy, Michigan. Impact-resistant shingles are best because they can protect your home from hail, wind, and other things that could damage a roof. Not only during those strong summer storms with high winds to the icy cold winters when snow buildup and ice dams are a problem for many, you can rest easy knowing your roof is protected.

Advantages of Using Impact Resistant Shingles

One way to save money when installing this type of roofing is getting a discount on your home owners insurance. Insurance companies recognize the increased protection from impact-resistant shingles and may offer discounts for buildings that use them. Talk with your agent to see if this can help lower your rates.

Another advantage of impact resistant shingles is their durability. They can last much longer than standard asphalt shingles, especially in severe weather conditions such as hail or ice build up. And since they can last for 50 years or more, you’re protected for decades to come!

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