Is Your Homes Roofing in Canton Michigan Damaged? Here Are 5 Signs To Tell

Damages and problems with your roofing in Canton Michigan can occur at any time with no notice, so being alert to the signs of damages that can happen to the roof of your home is very important so that you can have it repaired respectfully before the damage starts to spread and becomes worse. It’s always important to keep your roof properly maintained to ensure it’s doing the best job that it possibly can by protecting your home, family, and all of your precious belongings. However homeowners can tend to fall short and neglect the proper maintenance that their roof needs to be in tip top shape.

Is Your Homes Roofing in Canton Michigan Damaged? Here Are 5 Signs To Tell

Your roof is very important to keeping everything you love and own safe, but when your roofs maintenance gets neglected, you can find yourself with lots of problems and dangers that pose a threat to your home. Being knowledgeable in what type of damages the roof of your home is facing is the best thing to know so that when these damages show up, you know how severe they are and know that they should be repaired quickly so you won’t find yourself stuck with a roof that constantly gives more problems from being neglected. In this list, we’ll go over 5 signs to tell if your homes roof is damaged.

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Shingles Are Curling Up

Shingles are meant to be flat to allow water to flow down properly off of your homes roof and into your gutter system. However, sometimes shingles can begin to curl up around the edges, this can be done by harsh weather or excessive heat exposed to your roofs shingles. If they’re beginning to curl up, then this is a sign that you should have them repaired as curled up shingles could allow water to seep into your roof and potentially cause water damage or a roof leak.

Missing Shingles From Your Roof

Just like shingles that curl up around the edges, shingles that have been ripped off from your homes roof can also be a big problem. This can cause water damage and roof leaks, ultimately it could start to rot the wood of your roof leaving your roofs structure to fail. This is a serious issue and we highly advise you to hire a local professional roofing company to come out and replace the respected shingles to prevent any further damage.

Roof Has Sprung A Leak

This one is pretty obvious, but goes unnoticed as many homeowners think just because there’s a small leak it can be put off by putting a bucket below where the leak is. While doing that can help a little, it’s still not the best thing to do. Whenever a leak occurs from your roof, you run the risk of a lot of damage that only worsens so having roof leaks fixed quickly will prevent any damages from furthering.

Improper Work Done On Your Roof

Whenever work has been done on your roof, you expect it to be safe and sound, but sometimes this isn’t the case unfortunately. Homeowners could opt for a cheaper roofing contractor to do repairs on their roof and find themselves stuck with more problems occurring due to improper work. This is a problem many homeowners face and that’s why it’s always recommended that you do the research to ensure you’re hiring a professional quality roofing contractor to do the work to your homes roof.

Excessive Amount Of Granules In Downspout

Granule is the top layer that lays on your shingles, when shingles become old and near the end of their lifespan, granules can begin to fall off and find their way down to your gutters and to your downspout. If you notice excessive amounts of granules, then inspecting your roof for bad shingles will help avoid future problems due to failing shingles. Keeping up with inspections will also help prevent plenty of problems in the future by finding issues before they become worse.

There’s no doubt that roof problems can be a hassle, especially when they suddenly happen out of nowhere. But that’s just a part of having something that protects everything you own and love, so keeping up with the proper maintenance is the least homeowners can do for their roof. Hiring a professional roofing contractor will ensure your roof is in good hands and not going to fail. Twelve Oaks Roofing is a great choice for roofing services in Canton Michigan. Plus, they offer free quotes on roofing services. Call them today at 248-525-6950 for more details.