Keep Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan in Good Shape This Fall

Fall, a season we all love so much. Temperatures drop, leaves will fall, everything feels cozy, and there’s always football. Everything is gearing up for winter, but is your home ready? Most importantly, is your roof ready? Here are some important maintenance items you should address as you move into fall and get your roof ready for the upcoming season. Having your roofing in Downriver Michigan ready for the winter season is important and can save you lots of money in damages if your have a roof leak on your home. Don’t take chances with your home’s roof, be sure to get it inspected today and deal with any problems that may have arisen during summer.

Keep Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan in Good Shape This Fall

For many homeowners that thought of a roof leak or a problem on their roof is something that never comes up. It’s one of those components on your home that nobody thinks much about until there is a problem. But when a problem happens on your home’s roof chances are there is already damage done to the inside of your home from a roof leak. Being able to spot a problem on your home’s roof is important and taking steps to prevent damage to your home’s roof is much easier than you may think. Here are some things you can do to help keep your roof performing as it should this fall.

Keep Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan in Good Shape This Fall

  1. Trim Trees – Any low lying branches are risky for your roof. Branches can collect ice or simply be weakened by the cooler drier air, making them more likely to fall on your roof. Trim these away during the fall so that they don’t impose more problems on your roof come wintertime. Be proactive in your tree trimming so that you aren’t reactive should they fall. Even a small branch that continually rubs the roof can lead to damage on the roof.


  1. Clean your Gutters – Clogged up gutters make for some nasty roof issues. Water can spill over the edges, damaging your fascia or it can pool, creating an increased risk for ice dam formation. Leaves are falling this time of year, so the chances of your gutters being clogged is higher right now. Clean these out, or have someone come do this, before the winter weather sets in. During the winter season when snow and ice start to show up it’s important that your gutters are working properly because it may cause a roof ice dam. A roof ice dam can lead to all sorts of damage to your home and needs to repaired if it occurs on your home.


  1. Have your Roof Inspected – Regularly scheduled roof inspections are important to prolong the life of your roof. Be sure one of these inspections is in the fall so that any minor issues are found quickly and can be repaired before the wet winter months. Having a professional roofing company come to your home and inspect the roof can help to prevent a lot of problems on your roof. The roofer will look for problems that are happening now on your home’s roof as well as potential problems on your roof. Getting a roof inspection each year can help your roof last a long time. It can also help you better understand how much life is left in your home’s roof and when it may need to be replaced.


  1. Schedule Repairs – If your roof inspection finds that there are issues or problematic areas, get those scheduled for repair as soon as possible. You don’t want to go into the winter months without getting those repairs made. The cooler temperature and wetter weather will only wreak havoc on existing damage, making the cost to repair them after winter really high. Avoid that by getting small issues fixed now.

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