Key Signs That It is Time to Replace Your Roof in Birmingham Michigan

Your roof is definitely a costly item when it comes to home repair or replacement. Regardless of the length of time you’ve spent in your home, you don’t necessarily wish to have to replace your roof in Birmingham Michigan at any given time. This is a big investment and quite the undertaking no matter the circumstances.

Key Signs That It is Time to Replace Your Roof in Birmingham Michigan

To truly enjoy the comforts of your home, though, you may have to face replacing your roof one day. Staying safe, dry, and comfortable is pretty much the basis for a home, so having a roof in good condition is important for this. It is easy to spot leaks in your home as threats to the integrity of the structure, and most homeowners can see when something like that needs to be repaired. Many people aren’t aware, however, of other signs that it could be time to replace your roof. Key Signs That It is Time to Replace Your Roof in Birmingham Michigan Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most important signs to look for when considering if you need to replace your roof.

  1. Old Age – There comes a point in time when we all start lying about our age.. You probably shouldn’t do that with your roof, though, as you’re sure to encounter some problems if you conveniently forget just hold old it is.

By the teens to twenties of your roof, you’re likely to start seeing the age of your roof show. Alternatively, your roof can also hide just hold old it is, so it’s important to keep track so you can pay close attention in problem areas. You’ll want to look closely for any small signs of wear and tear if your roof approaches 25 to 30 years. You also should know whether it was installed over an existing layer of shingles and how ventilated it is as well. Overall, if you aren’t sure, you should have a professional perform routine inspections on a dated roof.

  1. Balding – We often fear the age in which our hair thins and we face the facts of balding. Your roof will do the same with age, showing that it’s becoming worn out.

This could be a very obvious balding of the roof, where granules in the shingles begin to shed. You’ll find this in your yard as a coarse sand that you normally don’t have. These can also get caught in your gutters and create issues there as well, where rain isn’t properly draining – thus creating even more problems with moisture and water accumulation. If you don’t find these granules in your yard, it doesn’t mean they aren’t being shed. You could also see your balding roof play as day by looking at it. If you notice patches of inconsistent coloring on a sunny day, you may be able to see where the roof is wearing out. This is a common indication of an aging roof.

  1. Gaps and Cracks – Cracking is a sure way to tell that your roof is aging. This can also occur as storm or other damage, so a younger roof with cracks could be repaired rather than replaced.

If you notice cracking with other signs of age, then you can be confident it’s all due to the age of the roof. Be sure to consider whether the cracks are isolated or if they are occurring in multiple places. If the problem appears to be widespread, then it likely is due to age. Remember that shingles will be harder and harder to replace as time goes on, as the colors will fade. Small repairs will stick out on an older roof, so from an aesthetic stance, you will need to consider if they are worth it. Over time there is change in availability as well, so you run the risk of something you used previously being out of production.

  1. Buckles and Curls – Shingles will show their age with buckling and curling at the edges. The buckling will be wrinkles throughout the shingle and can happen due to old age or damage – which would call for replacement no matter the age.

If there has been access moisture accumulation on the shingles due to poor ventilation, there could be curling as well. Also, this could indicate leaks, which is also not good. Add this with the age of the roof, and you want to address this soon.

  1. Leaks – While leaks are a more obvious sign of a worn out roof, but you may not always see leaks like you would think you could. The obvious signs are water stained ceilings or actual water coming through, but this may not always happen before the leak is significant enough to cause damage. You’ll need to regularly check your attic for signs of leaks that just haven’t made it through to the ground level ceilings yet.

Another way to recognize leaks is by peeling or bubbling paint on the walls. What you may not know is that leaks aren’t always water leaks – your roof can also leak light, and therefore temperature. If there is enough light in your attic without a lamp, there’s a good chance you have light leaking in. This can let in bugs, mold, and other problematic things, so it’s important to check it out.

  1. Sagging – Any signs of sagging in your roof mean there is a big problem at hand. This is likely a structural problem at this point and not necessarily due to age.

There is a chance you won’t see the sagging in larger sections of the roof, but more of dips and droops in the roof. This likely doesn’t mean the roof could collapse at any minute, but it is definitely not something to take lightly and would be best to fix soon.

  1. Less than Curb Appeal – How does your roof look? Worn, tired, old? Then it probably is!

You can tell that a roof is aging based on color inconsistencies, worn areas, irregular edges, and warping as well as the cracks and gaps discussed before. Aesthetics really can matter when it comes to your roof if you decide to sell. If you don’t think the roof looks good, it probably doesn’t and could be time to replace.

  1. Increased Energy Cost – Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to consider a roof replacement is rising energy bills. If your roof loses its ability to insulate well, your HVAC system will work harder to heat and cool your house, raising your energy costs.

This could also be due to poorly closing doors and windows, but it’s important to check your roof as it’s the largest line of defense that you want in tip top shape! If it’s been some time since you have had your roof inspected in Birmingham Michigan be sure to call Oakes Roofing at (586) 726-2300 for a roof inspection today!