Common Causes of Why You Need Roof Repair in Royal Oak Michigan

Are you concerned about the roof on your home? Has it started leaking and you may have noticed areas in the home that have stained ceilings? Chances are you’re going to need roof repair Royal Oak Michigan if you’ve noticed these signs. But understanding why the roof started to leak initially can give you better insight into how to go about getting it repaired. Or if you need a completely new roof installed on your home. We’ll look at some common causes of why you need roof repair in Royal Oak Michigan in this article and give you tips about how to avoid these problems in the future. 

Common Causes of Why You Need Roof Repair in Royal Oak Michigan

When you have a roof leak on your home it’s always best to get a professional roofing contractor out to make repairs and inspect the roof. Although we can outline the causes for roof leaks below it’s important that you understand that any repairs to your roof needs to be done by properly qualified professionals. In some cases, your roof may be under warranty, in other cases, your insurance may cover the costs of the roof repair in Royal Oak Michigan. However, no matter the cause or cost, if you have a roof leak getting it repaired as quickly as possible can prevent further damage to your home.

Common Causes of Why You Need Roof Repair in Royal Oak Michigan

Storm Damage

The most common type of problem on a home’s roof that is less than 15 years old is storm damage. This is especially true for homes with asphalt shingle roofing. As the wind in the storm gets higher it can bend and break away pieces of the roof which leave the roofing decking exposed and susceptible to roof leaks. It’s always a good idea to do a quick spot check of your roof after a major storm to check for signs of storm damage. Sometimes the roof may be damaged in the storm but may not start leaking for some time.

Age of the Roof

Another factor that you’ll need to consider is the age of the roof. As a roof gets older it will start to break down a bit. Seals will become less adhesive and storms can more easily damage the roof. Also as the shingles get older on the roof they may start to curl and pull away from the roof. This is a sign that you’ll likely need the entire roof replaced and not just roof repair in Royal Oak Michigan.

Critters and Ventilation

It may seem a bit counter-intuitive but you’ll want to make sure the roof is properly ventilated. The humidity in your home’s attic can affect the roofing materials and cause them to fail prematurely. A common cause of this is improper ventilation on the roof. Many times birds and other critters will make nests in the vents on the roof stopping the air flow from entering the home’s attic which in turn may cause roof failure. Critters can sometimes burrow into the roof as well which you should be on the lookout for.

Debris Buildup on the Roof

If you have nearby trees around the roof it can be a problem when it comes to roof leaks. Fallen leaves can build up on the roof and hold moisture if they stay too long. Fallen branches from the tree may also pierce the roofing surface causing a roof leak which will need roof repair in Royal Oak Michigan. Even if the branch just scraps along the roof it can also cause the granules on the shingles to break away making the shingles more susceptible to damage from storms.

Gutter Backup or Ice Dams

For homes in Royal Oak Michigan there is a threat of ice dams forming on the edges of the roof which can cause damage. Backed up gutters can also cause water to back up into the home as well as water travels under the edge of the roofing into the home. If either of these conditions exist you’ll need to get roof repair in Royal Oak Michigan to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Get a Roof Inspection on Your Home

Knowing what condition your roof is in can give you a much better idea of whether you should be concerned with getting roof repair in Royal Oak Michigan. Call Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor today at 248-509-8010 to schedule an appointment for a roof inspection on your home.