Prevent Costly Roof Repairs in Ann Arbor Michigan with These Winter Tips

During winter it can seem like everything draws to a standstill. Less activities outside and days that are short can really put a damper on things. One home component that doesn’t take any time off even during the coldest weather however is the roof on your home. It takes the brunt of everything the weather throws at it and sometimes problems can arise from that weather. While winter is not an ideal time to get roof repair in Ann Arbor Michigan when you have problems, it’s a must. Here are some tips to help ensure your roof lasts the entire winter season and more.

Prevent Costly Roof Repairs in Ann Arbor Michigan with These Winter Tips

Winter weather here in Ann Arbor Michigan can cause roof damage due to the cold winds and snow. Ice building up on the edge of your home’s roof can also be a problem both in terms of weight added as well as causing water to back up on your home’s roof. There are many roof repair services available today so homeowners don’t need to worry about their roofs. There are many ways to prevent roof damage from occurring when temperatures drop as well and most of them only take a bit of preventative maintenance. Here are some tips to help your roof make it through the cold winter ahead:

Snow Roof Ann Arbor MI

Keep Your Home’s Gutters Clear as Well as Downspouts

Having gutters on your home can have many advantages but they need to be clear and flowing at all times and that includes the winter months. Clogs in the gutters can lead to standing water which can eventually cause leaks and mold. The pipes are at risk of burst if the water temperature drops further. When the gutters freeze it can put extra weight on eaves and fascia boards which can cause damage.

Remove debris from the roof

When leaves fall onto the roof and other debris it needs to be cleared to ensure it doesn’t freeze in place. Even a small object can cause shingles to crack or be dislodged by strong winds. Mold can be caused by a stack of leaves that are wet, and berries and nuts attract pests. It is a smart decision to clean your roof as the autumn season ends. Leaving debris on the roof can lead to all sorts of problems later even if it doesn’t cause a roof leak initially.

Treatment of mold and mildew on the roof

Are your shingles turning yellow or green? You may have algae, moss or mold problems. They not only damage shingles but also create an unpleasant, unpleasant odor and can drive the value of your home down. There are solutions that can help to reduce this problem or remove it completely. And if you decide to get a roof replacement you can opt for algae resistant shingles for the new roof.

Schedule a professional roof inspection on your home

It is dangerous to walk on the roof, but it is important that you do not leave your roof unattended. For a complete inspection, contact a licensed and insured roof repair professional. They’ll identify any potential roof problems and fix them without putting your home at risk. Only an expert can see flaws and damage that are unlikely to be seen by home owners. You can still look over your roof from the ground and look for problems however. It is important to do this after a severe storm.

Broken or missing shingles

One of the things you should look for when you do a roof inspection on your home is missing or broken shingles. Typically shingles can be broken away from the roof and there will be spots of the roof that are quite obvious even from the ground level. Replacing damaged or missing shingles will prevent moisture from entering your attic, causing damage to your house. This will help you save thousands on repairs.

Remove all trees that are hanging from or near the roof

Low temperatures and strong winter winds can cause branches to fall from nearby trees which can impact the roofing surface. These branches can cause damage to your roof or further damage to many areas of your home. It is important to trim your trees before winter so that you do not suffer any potential damage.

Call a Roofing Professional Today

Learn the condition of your home’s roof by getting in touch with a roofing professional such as A2 Roofing. They can inspect your roof and determine if you need any roof repairs. Plus, they offer free estimates on roofing services. Call them today at (734) 548-9915.