Reasons Why Roof Maintenance in Northville Michigan is So Important

Keeping your roof in good shape is a must. A roof replacement on many homes can cost well into the thousands of dollars. Since roofing materials installed on many homes can last well over 15 years, making sure it actually lasts as long as the warranty is important. If you don’t perform routine maintenance on your roof then it may not even last that long and you may need to get a new roof in Northville Michigan installed in your home. Here are some reasons why you need to do regular maintenance on your home’s roof.

Reasons Why Roof Maintenance in Northville Michigan is So Important

When you perform routine maintenance on your home’s roof you can save money in most cases. Not just from adding many years of life to your roof but in other ways as well. One area where you can add value by performing routine roof maintenance is that you add curb appeal to the home which makes the home more valuable. In most cases, during routine roof maintenance the gutters are cleared and any debris that is on the roof is removed. This can make the roof look much better and that can increase the value of your home while increasing it’s curb appeal.

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So What All is Involved in Roof Maintenance?

Getting regular maintenance on your roof is important but many home owners simply don’t know what to do or even what all is involved when they get roof maintenance done on their homes. Different roofing contractors will likely offer different packages that you can choose from when it comes to roof maintenance. Some will make small repairs and make all the necessary inspections and maintenance for your home’s roof. Others will only look for problem areas which require repairs. It is important that the roofing contractor that performs routine maintenance on your home’s roof take the necessary steps to make sure the roof will last as well as look for problems that need to be addressed. Here are some things that should be done when you get a contractor to perform roof maintenance on your roof:

Debris Removal

During the fall of the year the roof is likely the catch all for leaves and other debris. While debris such as leaves and small branches can be a problem all year round it is more common during the fall of the year. And once the snow starts falling this can become a big problem on your roof. The debris can damage the roof over time and also cause roof leaks. During regular maintenance on the roof make sure any debris on the roof is removed and cleared from the roof as to not cause any problems later.

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Gutter Clearing

Another area that should be flowing and clear of debris is the gutters on your home. Gutters which don’t allow for water to properly exit the roof can be very problematic. They can lead to roof leaks and even cause roof ice dams during the winter months. Make sure you get the gutters on your home cleared when getting regular roof maintenance done on your home.

Any Surface Repairs Needed

Sometimes repairs are needed on the roof. These repairs can be very small such as re-nailing a shingle or just caulking around a plumbing pipe. While these problems may not be a roof leak now they can lead to a roof leak later. It’s much better to take a proactive approach during the roof maintenance so you don’t have a roof leak which can lead to damages inside your home.

How Roof Maintenance Can Help

As you can see there are many ways improper maintenance can cause problems on your home. However, with good proper roof maintenance on your home you can add many years to the life of your home’s roof and it will continue to look great. You’ll also get the peace of mind knowing your roof is in good working order.

Get a Roof Inspection to Get Started

If you have not had a roof inspection or maintenance done on your home’s roof lately, don’t worry. At Twelve Oaks Roofing you can get a roof inspection and regular maintenance on your roof to protect it. Give them a call today at 248-525-6950 to schedule your roof inspection.