A roof essentially protects the investment that is your home, keeping the likes of rain, snow and anything else Mother Nature throws at it from entering your property and wreaking havoc on what’s inside. However, when it comes time for a new roof or to have repair work performed, not all contractors are equal. What’s more is that you don’t want to settle on either, as a poorly installed roof or skimpy repairs can subject your property to extensive internal damage. With that being said, here’s a look at what you should be looking for when sourcing contractors for a new roof in Canton, Michigan:

Licensing and insurance: If a contractor can’t provide you with either of these, don’t work with them. A licensed contractor doesn’t just ensure that they’re qualified to perform the work, but that they meet the state requirements to do so as well. And any roofing contractor in Canton, Michigan, that you work with should have insurance for themselves and any sub-contractors they work with throughout the project. Failure to carry insurance could lead to a lawsuit between you and the contractor should an injury occur on the property at any point during the job.

Better Business Bureau ratings: We would recommend looking up any roofers in Canton, MI, and seeing how they are rated on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website prior to working with them. The BBB rating is a good way to judge the ethics and integrity of the particular firm. Other online review sites can also shed light on a particular company, but sometimes you have to take user-submitted reviews with a grain of salt.

Referrals: One of the best ways to find a good contractor is through word of mouth. So ask your neighbors, friends and family if they have any good recommendations for a roofer in Canton. This feedback can help determine who you pursue and who you stay clear of.

Knowledge and professionalism: After you call on a contractor for an estimate, you can determine a lot about them from that first initial interaction on your property. For instance, are they professional, courteous and polite? Do they thoroughly explain the estimate, as well as any potential challenges that they may encounter during the project? Do they advise fixing or replacing the roof before the winter months, when cold weather can make asphalt shingles more brittle and challenging to install? Do they have confidence in what they’re talking about regarding your project? Do they invite you to contact them if you have any further questions about the estimate or scope of work? Remember, a roofing contractor is trying to earn your business.

Selection: Though asphalt shingle roofs are the most popular type of roof installed on Canton, Michigan, homes, they’re hardly the only type of roof available. Metal and tile roofs are a few of the other types that are commonly found on homes in southeast Michigan. Is the contractor you’re working with a one-trick pony or are they able to install different types of roofs based on your preference? You’ll also want to consider whether they offer emergency quick fix for roof leak or is there a waiting period before you can have your roof repaired.

Ready to Get Started on Your Roofing Project?

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