Save Money on Energy Costs with a New Roof Installation in Royal Oak Michigan

With the rising costs of energy almost constant, it’s a good idea to consider adding energy efficient components to your home. One great way to make your home more energy efficient is to add some additional components during a new roof install in Royal Oak Michigan. By making just a few changes to the roof you can add lots of additional energy efficiency to your home. And the best part is, it can help your roof last even longer as well. Here are some ways getting a new roof in Royal Oak Michigan can help make your home more energy efficient.

Save Money on Energy Costs with a New Roof Installation in Royal Oak Michigan

There are many home improvement projects that can make your home more energy efficient. One of the best home improvement projects you can do to improve energy efficiency is to replace your home’s windows with newer, more energy efficient windows. A project such as adding replacement windows to your home can be done even if the windows are not failing. Instead, the additional energy efficiency is enough to warrant the new windows being installed. The amount of savings you’ll gain can help you quickly recoup the costs for the windows. For the roofing on your home, it’s a bit different. While adding a new roof on your Royal Oak Michigan home can help it become more energy efficient, it likely won’t help you recoup the cost of the roof. Instead, these energy efficiency savings is better done when your roof is either failing or nearing its end of useful life and starting to cause problems. If your roof is less than 5 years old then chances are you won’t see much savings. As with other home improvement components, the technology of the products advances each year and products are getting better and better along with more energy efficient. Here are some ways to make your new roof more energy efficient:

Save Money on Energy Costs with a New Roof Installation in Royal Oak Michigan

Adding Insulation During the Roof Installation

It has been said that having more insulation is never a mistake. Which is true in most cases. When getting a new roof installed on your home it’s always best to ensure the insulation in the roof and attic are sufficient. For most homes adding an additional layer of insulation can help the energy efficiency of the home tremendously especially during summer months. Also adding insulation can help extend the life of the new roof as well making sure it will continue to protect your home for years to come.

Ensure Proper Ventilation of the Roof for More Savings

One overlooked part of the roofing system that can lead to all sorts of problems is the roof ventilation. Having the proper ventilation in place for the roof is crucial because without it the roof will almost always fail prematurely. Many times home additions and remodels can cause the ventilation needs of the home to change for the roof. Make sure your roof is properly ventilated and the vents are not blocked in some way. Birds and other wildlife can create nests in the vents which block the air flow. Proper ventilation will help to reduce humidity in the attic as well.

Install a Radiant Barrier on the New Roof

One of the best ways to increase the energy efficency of your home’s roof is to install a radiant barrier on the roof. Many of the higher quality roofing systems require this underlayment to be installed when a new roof is installed. A radiant barrier can also help to prevent damage if your home does have a roof leak later.

Choose the Right Color for the Shingles

The color of the shingles you have installed on your home can impact the energy efficiency of the roof. Lighter colors will reflect sunlight and absorb less heat. While darker colors will absorb more heat which can be beneficial during winter. Some roofing materials also have reflective granules which can further increase the energy efficiency of the roof and the colors and designs available are numerous.

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