Should You Repair or Replace Your Roofing in Livonia Michigan

If you’ve ever experienced problems with your roof, then you’re more than likely experienced with having them repaired for cheaper than what it costs to have it replaced. However, there is a line between the two, to repair or to replace. So, how do you tell which one you should do for your damaged roofing in Livonia Michigan? While there are big things that can easily tell you that you need a replacement over a simple repair, there’s also smaller things that can happen which may leave you puzzled and confused as to which one you should do for your home’s roof.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roofing in Livonia Michigan

A roof is an important part of your entire home, giving you the safety and security of the harmful elements that could completely ruin your home, it gives that strength needed to fight them off. However, roof’s aren’t invincible and can be damaged, so when damage does happen you have to ask yourself, replace or repair? Well, we’ll be talking more about which one you should choose to do and what damage should be replaced or repaired below.

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Missing Shingles From Your Roof

Shingles serve the purpose of protecting your home from UV light from the sun, rain, debris, hail, snow, and all different types of elements that mother nature throws at us. So sometimes your shingles may become ripped off of your home’s roof and end up in your neighbors yard, while many homeowners will opt and just have it repaired, there’s a chance that you should get it replaced entirely. While one missing shingle isn’t that big of a deal, it could be the beginning of a failing roof with weak shingles, so if you notice a few shingles missing, consider having your roof replaced.

Your Roof’s Lifespan

Whenever you’re wondering if a problem should be repaired or replaced, first look at the age of your home’s roof. If your home’s roof is constantly experiencing problems, it could be that it’s failing due to old age and needs to be replaced. Replacing it is typically a better option than having many repairs done, the investment is worth it to just have it completely replaced and avoid many problems that could come.

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Water Damage In Your House

Water damage from roof leaks or vulnerable spots can be a sure fire way of telling if your home’s roof has a problem or not. While a small roof leak and a little water damage in your house isn’t the biggest of deals, it certainly opens the question if your home’s roof is failing or not. If you’re experiencing water damage in your home, then consider having a professional inspect your roof and home instead of just having it repaired, while it may not be that big of a problem, you could have a rotting foundation or other serious issues that need to be found.

Granules Filling Your Gutters

Shingles are made with granules on top of them, this is used to protect your home’s roof from the UV light from the sun. After a while, you may notice an excessive amount of granules in your gutters though, this is an indication that your shingles are becoming weak and are in need of a replacement. While a few amounts of granules in your gutters is completely normal, excessive amounts of granules is definitely not normal. Contact your local professional roofing company to have your shingles replaced if you notice a lot of granules in your gutter system.

Choosing between repairing your roof and replacing it can be challenging if you aren’t an experienced roofer, that’s why we want to give you the knowledge of being able to tell which one you should do. However, the best way to know whether or not your home’s roof should be replaced or repaired is by hiring a professional to do an inspection on your home’s roof. This will give you the best answer possible as they’ll be able to inspect everything to ensure that it’s not ultimately failing without you even knowing. Be sure you don’t wait while your home’s roof is having problems, contact a professional roofing company such as Twelve Oaks Roofing quickly to avoid having more problems that could potentially compromise your home’s roof and end up making you need a roof replacement done. Call them at (248) 525-6950 for a free consultation and quote.