Signs Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan Has Hail Damage

Depending on where you live, hail may not be a real concern when it comes to damaging your home. But while it may not be in your mind, just because you don’t expect it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. This is especially true with all the storms and hail damage we’ve had lately in Downriver Michigan. When your home has hail damage it may not be apparent right away. But if your roof is damaged by hail it’s always best to have a qualified roofing contractor in Downriver Michigan inspect the roof just in case there is damage. Hail damage can be very minimal and barely noticeable if you aren’t sure what to look for. But hail can also be as big as softballs and do a massive amount of damage to your home and belongings.  If you are worried that your roof has been effected by hail, then here are a few common signs of impact.

Signs Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan Has Hail Damage

While there are roofing materials that can help to prevent this type of damage, it is not installed on many homes. Impact resistant shingles are also a premium roofing product and many homeowners can’t justify the increase in price for this option. Hail may also have a bigger impact on three tab shingles as well. In any case, when your home has been damaged by a hail storm it’s always best to have it inspected as quickly as possible by a licensed roofing professional.

Signs Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan Has Hail Damage


While bruising may not be obvious to the eye, if you touch the shingles it is easy to feel the problem. Bruises are not going to break through the shingle or dent it, but it will weaken the shingle and make it more susceptible to breaks later on. Bruises are typically equal to the size of the piece of hail that struck it. So if you have larger sized hail falling on your roof, the bruises are going to be bigger and affect the shingle more. Bruises will feel squishy and soft to the touch and it an indicator that the shingles will more than likely not withstand another hail storm without breaking. It is recommended that you have a professional inspect the shingles and replace those that are bruised to prevent more damage down the road like cracks and leaks.


While cracks can occur in a variety of ways, cracks from hail look distinctly different from other cracks. Hail cracks look circular as the frozen rain hitting the shingles are spheres. Cracks from other sources will be more linear and be horizontal or vertical in appearance. When the cracks occur the shingles have been compromised and can no longer guarantee that they will be able to keep moisture from getting into your roof. These shingles will have to be replaced quickly to keep moisture out and prevent rot and mold in your roof.

Missing Granules

Granules are places on the very top of the shingles to provide the first line of defense against the elements. New shingles are typically going to shed some granules after the first storm, but after that initial shedding, should not lose granules after that. If you see missing granules on your shingles or find the granules in your gutters after a hail storm, then your shingles have lost some of its defense. If any of your shingles look shiny, rather than dull where the missing granules are, it is a sign that the loss of granules is recent and more than likely caused by the hail.


If you do not have shingles, but roofs with metal sheeting, you are still susceptible to damage from hail. While you do not have to worry about granule loss or bruising, strong winds and large pieces of hail can lead to dentations in the metal sheeting. While it will not greatly affect the roofs ability to protect your home from moisture getting in, it can be unpleasant to look at and impact your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

Don’t Wait if You Think Your Roof May Be Damaged

If you think your home’s roof may have been damaged by hail then it’s always best to get a qualified roofing professional to come out and inspect the roof. Don’t let a small problem turn into a big disaster. Call the professionals at Downriver Roofers today to get an inspection on your roof. Call 734-548-9919 for more details and to schedule your appointment.