The Need for a Residential Roofing Contractor in West Bloomfield Michigan

There are many problems that can happen to your roof which will require the help of a roofing contractor to resolve. Even for newer roofing, from time to time you may need a roofing contractor such as in the case of storm damage. With many different types of roofing materials available today finding the best roofing contractor in West Bloomfield Michigan to call for repairs or replacement may be a confusing situation. For many homeowners, the choice for roofing is asphalt shingle roofing but that’s not always the case. Alternatively, for commercial properties, the most often used material is metal. Here are some of the differences in roofing and what you should look for when choosing a roofer for your roofing project.

The Need for a Residential Roofing Contractor in West Bloomfield Michigan

Your roof protects your home or business from the harsh weather conditions we face each and every day for years and years. While that is the case, you may not realize that certain materials used in roofing are better for some types of applications over others. Residential roofing and commercial roofing is not one in the same. And finding the perfect roofing contractor in West Bloomfield Michigan to repair or even inspect your roof means you’ll need to determine the difference in commercial and residential roofing. Here are a few of their differences.

The Need for a Residential Roofing Contractor in West Bloomfield Michigan


A lot of commercial buildings have flat or low sloped roofs. This is the case because these types of buildings are typically much larger than your average home. This slope or lack of one provides easy access for maintenance of such a large building. This also could be critical for storage purposes, especially in dwellings that house multiple businesses inside.

Homes and residential structures alternatively have a more varied approach since roofs here typically are more aesthetically designed and selected. Home owners are able to choose what they want in a roof and tens to go with more pronounced or arranged slopes and architecture.


Roofing material is important no matter if the roof is for a commercial building or a residential dwelling. There tends to be more to factor in with commercial roof installation, however, as the nature of the building and its intended use have to come into consideration. If the business handles certain chemicals, then they need something in place that won’t be affected by them. There has to be the right selection in roof materials for any specialized instance such as this so that the roof integrity is maintained.


Residential roofs typically have shingles, meaning that home owners have to maintain shingles and deal with granule loss and buildup. Most businesses will not have these so that they can avoid this part of the maintenance process. Shingles are just too risky for a business owner to maintain and replace. Often there are specialized contractors that are able to install the right roof for the right purpose and can direct you to a maintenance plan that is right for the style of roof chosen.

Choose a Fully Qualified Roofing Contractor

There are problems that can arise at any time for a roof. A roof leak can develop for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few things that may cause a roof leak:

  • Storm damage to the roof – High winds, ice, and hail can damage roofing causing a roof leak
  • Wildlife damage to the roof – Critters can damage areas of the roof especially in areas which have ventilation
  • Old Age – Roofing will fail over time, it’s crucial to replace your roofing if it’s failing due to age
  • Improper Installation – Even a new roof will leak if it’s not properly installed. Always use qualified contractors on any type of roofing project you have

Whenever you have a roof leak on your home it’s always best to get it repaired as quickly as possible. The longer a roof leak remains the more damage it will cause on the inside of the home. Call Twelve Oaks Roofing today for a roof inspection on your home. They are fully qualified and can repair or replace most roofing in a single day. Plus, they offer free quotes on roofing projects in West Bloomfield Michigan. Call today at 248-525-6950 for more details.