Things That Could End Up Voiding The Warranty For Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan

It’s a great feeling knowing that the roof of your home is covered by a warranty, such as product defects or labor mishaps, it can be reassuring knowing that if a problem did occur from a product defect, you’ll be taken care of with ease. However, many homeowners don’t read up on the warranties and find themselves stuck whenever they end up voiding that warranty, especially if your roof fails prematurely and you have to invest loads of money into a brand new roof in Dearborn Michigan because of a mistake you’ve made to void that warranty.

Things That Could End Up Voiding The Warranty For Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan

There’s a few things that can end up voiding your roof’s warranty, mainly including neglecting roof maintenance, DIY projects like roofing repairs, and more. So it’s important to know what will void your roof’s warranty before you attempt to do anything to it, to ensure that you don’t end up voiding the warranty and feeling stuck if your home’s roof ends up having an issue that’s completely not your fault. Read along with us as we tell you some things that could end up voiding the warranty for your home’s roof.

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Neglecting Maintenance For Your Roof

Whenever you have a new roof installed onto your home, it’s important to keep the condition good through its entire lifespan, so that’s why you need to keep up with regular maintenance to ensure your roof is in a healthy condition to keep protecting your home. If you begin neglecting the maintenance for your home’s roof, you could experience a lot of problems that are ongoing, which will void your warranty. So make sure you properly take care of your roof’s maintenance.

Having Antennas Installed On Your Roof

This may seem weird to homeowners, as antennas are on a lot of roof’s. The reason why having antennas installed onto your home’s roof could void your roof’s warranty is because when they’re installed, they have to drill into your roof to attach the bolts so that the antenna is kept in place, this could result in roof leakage and if it’s not taken care of quickly, it could compromise your entire roof. That’s why it can void your warranty, read your warranty closely to ensure this doesn’t void your warranty before proceeding with having an antenna installed.

Improper Repairs

This should be commonly known however it’s also often overlooked, whenever you try and DIY roofing repairs, you could end up voiding your warranty by making a mistake that damages your home’s roof more. This can also happen if you hire a roofing contractor that lacks the skills and experience needed to work on roofs, which could also damage the roof of your home even more than what it originally was. Be sure to only hire professional roofing contractors to work on your home’s roof instead of amateurs, that way you don’t void your roofing warranty.

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Spray Foaming Your Roof

Spraying foam on your asphalt shingles can certainly void your roofing warranty if it’s not done properly, this means it’s recommended to hire a professional to do this job for you. It can discolor your asphalt shingles if it’s not properly done which will cause your warranty to be voided.

Installing A Solar Panel

Solar panels are modern day technology to save energy in your home, however solar panels aren’t just a slap on your roof and go, they need to be precisely installed in order to work efficiently and if they’re installed wrong, you could find your roof’s warranty becoming voided due to a bad installation. This can happen if you hire a contractor who isn’t fit to install solar panels properly, so only hire professionals who have the skills needed to install them with no issues.

Be sure to cater the warranty of your home’s roof, because once it’s voided there’s no returning for it. If you’re not sure if something voids your warranty, read up on your roof’s warranty before proceeding to do anything revolving around your roof. You’ll want to keep up with your roof’s maintenance as well or either hire a professional roofing company to keep up with your roof’s maintenance to ensure it can continue protecting your home during tough Winters and hot Summers. Call Roofing Dearborn today at (313) 209-6350 for a free quote on your roofing project.