Top shingle roof replacement in Ann Arbor MI


What makes a good roofing company? Is it all about a bargain deal, the kind you see on informercials? Are they worthwhile if they are CertainTeed and GAF certified? Do they have positive customer reviews? The financial aspect isn’t an indicator of whether or not a roofing organization is trustworthy, experienced or qualified to fix or replace your roof. If you own a business or a home, both need solid, sturdy and dependable roofs over them; if not, you could be left dealing with missing or loose shingles, a leaky roof, or rotten shingles. If you’ve been searching for a top-ranked, reputable contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan you should see if they offer roof inspections, flashing repair, roof installation, and free roofing estimates. 

Experienced and qualified professionals will ensure your new roof is installed perfectly and securely, so your home will be safe from wind, snow and hail damage. Our state has some harsh weather ahead, so you should maintain your property so it’s protected.


If you own a business or a home, both need solid, sturdy and dependable roofs over them; if not, you could be left dealing with missing or loose shingles, a leaky roof, or rotten shingles.


Licenses and insurance are critical to successful roof installation. You can ask the business owner for a copy of their license to see if they are on the up-and-up.  It’s wise to demand top shingle roof replacement in Ann Arbor MI. If you hire an amateur, they might end up damaging your property, and that could cost you thousands. If climbing a ladder on top of your home doesn’t sound appealing, you need not worry. If you check credentials and experience of local roofers in Washtenaw County, you will find one that will do a good job for you at an affordable price. It’s good to ask about warrantees, no-leak guarantees, one-day roof replacement, permits, liabilities, re-roofs, tear-offs, and flashing repair.  If you observe missing or loose shingles on your yard, you have roof damage, and may need a flat roof, metal roof, asphalt roof, or cedar shake roof. During the winter, it’s important to keep your roof clear of ice, snow, rain and other debris, because if it gets too heavy your roof could collapse.  The last thing you want to worry about is your roof caving in while you and your family are enjoying a holiday meal.



Not all roofing companies are created alike.  Some might be family owned and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Others may come highly recommended by colleagues and friends. Still others may offer rock bottom prices, promising you high-quality materials but in reality offering cheap products and inexperienced laborers. It’s a good idea to take a drive around your neighborhood to see other roofs and where they were manufactured. Word of mouth is an excellent method to find the #1 roofing company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is logical to find out if they provide roofing inspections, maintenance, roof ice dam removal and shoveling. Asking questions is a great way to weed out the amateurs and narrow down the prospects that will be suitable to perform an exceptional residential or commercial roof replacement. When it comes to cost, determine the following:


  • Do they offer low-interest roof loans?
  • Are there budget-friendly payment plans available?
  • Will they assist with homeowner’s insurance claims to expedite reimbursement checks?


Cost is a consideration, but not the only thing to think about if you’re renovating your house or repairing it. It might take some time to find the best roofing company in your area, but once you do, it will be worth it. They should compare your siding and gutters, too, to ensure everything matches and is in exceptional condition.  There’s no sense in installing a new roof if the rest of your property is falling apart and damaged. An annual roof inspection is a great way to keep your property’s value up, both the interior and exterior. Most companies offer free estimates and quotations, so there will be no obligation. It takes many years of experience to properly assess, repair and replace roofs. It’s not something you can learn overnight.  Most places with over 22 years of expertise have the best contractors and professionals on their staff, ready to help you transform your business or home. It all starts with a brand new roof!