What You Should Consider When Purchasing A New Roof in Troy Michigan

Purchasing a new roof for your home is a great investment, especially if your old roof is having problems. This will help your home be more protected and give you peace of mind knowing your roof isn’t going to fail. Of course a new roof is only good if you take measures to keep it properly maintained, failing to keep it maintained will result in your new roof having issues showing prematurely and potentially failing. A new roof is a pretty big investment, especially if you opt for an expensive roofing material, so it’s definitely advised that you take everything in this article into consideration before purchasing your new roof in Troy Michigan.

Your Roof in Troy Michigan Is Showing Lots Of Problems

If your roof is showing lots of problems, then it could be your best interest in getting a new roof. Your old roof on your home may be nearing the end of its lifespan, meaning problems will continue to occur, so purchasing a new roof may be cheaper in the long run rather than continuing to repair problems over and over again. Here’s a few signs that you may want to purchase a new roof.

  • Missing/Damaged Shingles
  • Massive Amounts Of Granules In Downspout
  • Shingles Are Lifting
  • Shingles Are Discolored

Troy Mi New Roof

Deciding What The Best Roofing Material Is

Deciding what the best roofing material for you to use with your new roof can be pretty challenging, as you need to weigh out the pros and cons and also take into consideration if you’re replacing your roof to sell the home or to continue living in it. There’s lots of different pros and cons of each roofing material available on the market. The one roofing material we’d highly suggest to use is asphalt shingles and for good reasons.

Asphalt shingles have a lot of pros, they’re the most popular roofing material used in America right now. They’re very affordable, leaving you with money to save after you have your roof replaced. They’re also very versatile, with asphalt shingles you can pick through various styles and colors to give your home that beautiful look while keeping your budget intact. Asphalt shingles is a great option for you even if you’re going to sell the home, because if you’re planning on selling your home, you don’t want to invest into a super expensive roofing material to be used, so being that asphalt shingles are very affordable and durable, they’ll be your best option.

Remove Your Old Shingles

When it comes to installing asphalt shingles, sometimes you can install new shingles over the existing ones on your roof if they’re not damaged badly. However, this is not good for the long run. With two layers of shingles, your home will have to support more weight which can be unsturdy depending on your home’s foundation. It will cost more to have the old layer removed, but we highly suggest it to avoid any problems, if your old shingles are curling up, then they’ll have to be removed to prevent damage to your new roofing material.

Choose A Quality Professional Roofer

When you decide on purchasing a new roof for your home, it’s obviously a pretty big investment. This means you’ll probably want to save some money, but when it comes to the roofing contractor installing your new roof, that’s where a lot of homeowners run into problems. There are roofing contractors everywhere waiting to scam you, offering you lower rates, etc. These contractors should be avoided at all cost to ensure you don’t get a shoddy job done. Roof’s need to be installed properly or you’ll experience constant problems with them. That’s why it’s always best to only hire professional roofing companies that can provide proof of quality work that they’ve done in the past, this way you won’t feel so uneasy that your roof may fail after it’s freshly installed.

A new roof is a great way to make your home have more value, boost its curb appeal, and also protect your home from harsh storms and elements. But you should always take precautions when purchasing a new one and consider everything in this article, especially what we discussed about only hiring professional roofing companies, as hiring unprofessional roofing contractors will most likely result in a bad roofing job.

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