What You Should Know About Roof Repairs in Dearborn Michigan

Roof leaks are not as well timed as shows portray them to be, nor are they kind enough to be blatantly obvious enough that you know where to set a pot down to catch the water. You could have a roof leak for months and not realize it if you do not go into your attic very often. Knowing that you need roof repair in Dearborn Michigan is one thing, but when you simply don’t know you have a roof leak it can make things very bad. You are likely to notice your ceiling seems to be sweating around a specific area or turning a shade of brown that you don’t remember painting. From there this situation turns into a fun game of water investigator considering that just because that’s where the water is stopping, it could be draining down your roofs inner workings and finding a creative way to get to your ceilings new sheetrock pond.

What You Should Know About Roof Repairs in Dearborn Michigan

Roof leaks can be caused by a plethora of problems. Some you wouldn’t expect and most are due to slowly accumulating problems that are the result of poor maintenance. A couple of shingles getting knocked off and allowing the material under them to be damaged. The gutters getting blocked, destroyed or not put up in the first place. The best way to avoid having to shell out cash to fix the rainforest in your living room is to keep an eye out for the little things that are happening on your roof. All of these things can lead to a roof leak and if you don’t routinely check your roof for problems or get a roofing contractor to inspect the roof for problems you may face having a roof leak on your home.

What You Should Know About Roof Repairs in Dearborn Michigan

Repairing a leaking roof costs between $700 and $2800. If your gutters are also damaged it is best to get these replaced at the same time as the roof repair. Average cost of gutter installation is between $1000 and $2500. The roof and gutters work hand in hand to protect your house in more ways than just keeping you dry, like protecting your foundation.

What Caused This Roof Leak to Begin With?

  • The most common reason for a roof leak is an improper installation of flashing or seals on the roof or roofing components.
  • Next in line is missing shingles, damage from weather or all of these things mixed with saturation of moisture and rain with a lack of a properly installed and blockage free gutter systems.
  • Allowing sticks, debris and leaves to build up on your roof can trap moisture in. This can stop water from draining off the roof and result in pooling.
  • Unsealed holes left behind from antennas and other rooftop accessories give water an easy way in.
  • Your roof may simply be old. Roofs are designed to last anywhere between twenty and eighty years. Harsh weather conditions, poor maintenance and bad repair jobs can reduce this lifespan significantly.

Stop The Problem Before It Starts

  • Habitually remove all debris, sticks, leaves and moss.
  • Remove any snow or ice buildups. This can be dangerous and it is recommended that you hire a professional.
  • Clean your gutters.
  • Assess your shingles and roofing for damage so that a professional can fix minor problems before they become serious.
  • Check the flashing and seals around skylights, pipes and chimneys.
  • Seal any holes left by removed antennas and rooftop appliances.
  • When able, hire a roof cleaner. These services only cost around $400 and they will ensure the job is done right while not putting yourself in danger.

All Of This Over A Little Water

Roof leaks and water leaks in general can wreak havoc on your home and getting them repaired as quickly as possible is a must. They tend not to express obvious damage until late in the process and require the replacement of several layers of material. Your best strategy is being responsible and vigilant long before your ceiling changes color and offers you a free drink. For more information, be sure to call a qualified roofing contractor in Dearborn Michigan for a roof inspection. Roofing Dearborn is one of the top roofers in the area and they offer free estimates. Call Roofing Dearborn today at 313-209-6350.