Why Your Gutters in South Lyon Michigan Could Be Clogging Up Too Often

Gutters play a vital role when it comes to keeping water away from your home, it can help redirect water away from the important aspects of your home such as your roof, siding, landscape, and foundation. So, when you’ve got problems with your gutters becoming clogged up and allowing the water to overflow, it can begin to cause problems with other aspects of your home. While having clogged gutters every now and again isn’t much of a problem typically, it can certainly be caused by more than mother nature. Problems with your gutters in South Lyon Michigan could be affecting their ability to not become clogged up, so you’ll see them beginning to clog up more regularly, that’s when an inspection might be needed.

Why Your Gutters in South Lyon Michigan Could Be Clogging Up Too Often

There’s a few main reasons why you may be experiencing clogged up gutters constantly, the most common of them all is damage to your gutters. Problems can occur to your gutters and make them unable to properly handle waterflow and begin holding it still, this allows debris to sit in one area to soak up the water and get stuck to the gutter system itself, so if you’re experiencing constant clogginess from your gutter system, then consider hiring a professional to ensure that everything is fine on your gutters and problems aren’t causing them to be clogged up so regularly. While this is ideal, there’s still other reasons why they can become clogged up and we’ll cover more on those now.

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Trees Are Surrounding Your Home

Trees are beautiful and they can give a home much more aesthetically pleasing feelings to it, however leaves and twigs from trees are a constant issue for your gutters. If you’ve got a lot of trees around your home, see if any branches on them are overhanging onto your home’s roof, if they are, then strong winds could knock the leaves and twigs lose and they could become clogged up in your gutter, the best way to go about fixing this is trimming back the overhanging limbs from those trees to ensure they aren’t getting into your gutters so easily, as that can be very dangerous, it’s only recommended that you hire a professional to do the job and not attempt it yourself.

Your Gutters Are Pitched Wrongly

Gutters are supposed to be at a certain angle, the pitch of every gutter is slightly at a tilt to ensure water can flow down it to the downspout, however if the pitch is wrong then water will basically sit still as there’s no way it can flow. This can cause issues which usually result in clogged up gutters and while rain begins to collect and sit in one area of your gutter system, it can begin causing even more issues to your home as well. So, if you suspect that your gutters are pitched wrongly, consider hiring a professional to come and take a look to ensure it’s pitched properly.

Your Gutter System Is Too Small

If you experience a lot of rain in your area, try to see if your gutters are constantly flowing over the sides. If it is, then you could be challenged with the mistake of having a gutter system that is too small, while this isn’t that much of a big deal, it does mean an investment needs to be made for bigger gutters. Opting for a gutter system that is able to handle the amount of rain that produces in your area is crucial to stop clogged up gutters, so be sure to find a good sized gutter system to ensure that they won’t allow water to overflow onto your home’s roof, siding, and landscape.

It’s important to look at the warning signs of your gutters, ensuring they’re not suffering any damage or being clogged up by nearby trees, as gutters play a huge role in keeping your home’s aspect safe from water. Water can be very damaging to your home and that’s why gutters are something you should never neglect, if you feel as though your gutters are having issues where they’re clogging up way too much, then hire a professional to come out and have a look at them to ensure they’re not damaged or being damaged. Be sure to call Livingston Roof Pros today if you need gutter or roof repair on your home. Call 517-940-8770 for a free quote!